Adding an overlay to the table is great way to layer and contrast or compliment other colors of the event. We offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from.

Crinkle Taffeta Overlays

Crinkle Taffeta is a fun material it adds texture and dimension to the table. This material can be used for formal and informal occasions.

Lamour Satin Overlays

Lamour Satin, also known as bridal satin has a beautiful dull sheen that sets it apart from a standard shiny satin material. If you are a going for a more formal look Lamour is the way to go.

Organza Overlays

Organza is a transparent material for a splash of color or decoration. You can match them up with the organza chair sashes.

Pintuck Tablecloths

Pintuck has a series of quilted squares that draw your eyes towards the centerpiece of the table. Pintuck looks good with or without an overlay. 

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